Web Hosting? Sure, We do Web Hosting!

At Uilabs, we pride ourselves in tailoring a web hosting package to fit every website; From the tiny business card site up to the e-Commerce monster with 1000’s of SKUs. We have the skills and experience to custom fit your hosting plan to exactly the scale required to run your site optimally. Virtual Servers or Co-Located hardware? We can make that happen too.

Below is an example of pricing based upon Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting is usually the most economical way to purchase Web Hosting. In the Shared Hosting Model, You share resources on a server with several other websites effectively spreading the cost of hosting across all of the sites that reside on the server. Shared Hosting is the preferred hosting option for the vast majority of small and medium-sized websites. It results in significant savings on the cost of hosting. Please contact us for a customized quotation.


*Pricing for comparative purposes only - please contact us for a customized price quotation.


Take the Headache out of Running WordPress

We really like WordPress; it’s an excellent framework that allows a website to be developed rapidly. Additionally, it empowers end users to maintain their site without having to pay an outside entity for ongoing maintenance tasks. If there is any downside to WordPress, it is WordPress itself. It is used by a very passionate and lively community. As a result, it is constantly being modified. These modifications often bring new functionality, but more importantly they provide security enhancements and fixes. This problem is compounded by a robust community of 3rd party developers that are constantly adding functionality to the base WordPress framework in the form of software modules called plugins.

Uilabs has developed a sophisticated program designed to automate most of the maintenance and backup tasks associated with running a WordPress site. This automation allows us to offer several levels of support to ensure your site is fully backed up and running the most current patches ensuring maximum uptime and availability. Contact us today to discuss our WordPress Maintenance Support whether we host your site or not!